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Understanding Client Need

Based on a rigorous understanding of a client's strategy, organisation and culture, our consultants undertake all aspects of an assignment from initial briefing to final candidate closure, providing feedback and client guidance throughout. Importantly, this guidance includes an assessment of the ability of the client organisation to attract the individuals sought and, if required, the formation of creative sourcing strategies to overcome inaccurate market perceptions.

Job specifications are discussed prior to commencement of the search. The type of individual, experience required, level of skill, track record, remuneration and target organisations are all agreed. A failure to produce an accurate job specification can often lead to a false start to a search and provoke a possible delay to successful delivery.

Proposed Resourcing Strategy

Upton & Brown works on a rolling search basis. While we have found that this brings better client value and service, we will always be flexible to suit the client's preferred sourcing strategy.

We conduct research, by various means, to identify likely candidates employed by agreed target organisations. Such individuals are contacted to ascertain both their interest and suitability. At this stage the client's identity is not normally disclosed to the candidate. If appropriate, the candidates are interviewed by Upton & Brown and their degree of suitability and interest confirmed. The client is also disclosed and the candidate given an indication of the responsibilities of the role and the structure of the client organisation.

Having been interviewed by Upton & Brown, CVs of suitable candidates are put forward to the client immediately. This speeds up the recruitment process by promoting prompt and necessary feedback to both client and candidate. We would then discuss the CVs of the candidates with the client prior to arranging interviews.

During the course of the rolling interview sequence, we maintain communication between client and candidate, facilitating contact as required, through the offer stage, candidate resignation and up to the candidate starting.

Client Commitment

For successful delivery, it should be recognised that total partnership be achieved between the client and Upton & Brown. The client's commitment should include:

The Candidate

When a candidate is head hunted, the search consultant seeks to change the candidate's mind-set to that of being ‘open to interesting discussion’. In the course of an interview sequence, the candidate may be approached by other organisations. As their mind-set has been changed it is easier for these organisations themselves to develop a discussion with them. Hence speed and professionalism on the part of the client is critical.

The candidates need to be sold to, inspired and enthused by the interviewers; hence the quality of the interviewers needs to be calibrated to the candidates. It should be remembered that the candidate does not have to be in an interview, it is the client who wants them to be in the interview.

Generally a head hunted candidate is happy, successful and motivated in their current organisation. Any opportunity offered by the client therefore must outweigh, in the round, what they currently enjoy in the areas of role, potential and remuneration.

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